South Western Ontario Old-Timers Hockey Association


    SWOOHA is an association of independent old-timer hockey teams operating  in the region surrounding London Ontario. It has been in place for over 35 years and, at times, had over 90 local teams as members.

    All teams are independently operated with their own ice times. Teams schedule games with each other on an ad hoc basis. Each team has its own schedule and group of teams that it interacts with. Fees are determined by each team independently based on the number of games it plays and ice time and referee costs that it is faced with. All teams are full equipment, Old Timers rules (non contact, no slapshot).

    Teams are 35+ though the odd 33-34 year old is usually OK as long as competitive balance is not affected - since there isn't a formal league and all games are set up voluntarily, good behaviour (both team and individual) is self selecting - if you don't play "nice", you don't get invited to play next year (or in serious cases, even later in the season), so good behavior is encouraged.

Start time for games are in the range 7:00pm-10:00pm and usually 1.5hrs in duration. A few (but not many) teams play somewhat later (10:15, 10:30 latest) while some teams have weekend or afternoon slots. Skill levels vary widely - from pure rec levels (no minor experience/house league only) to minor A-AAA players to teams that have more than a few ex Jr or minor Pro players.

    Different teams have different age groupings or skill level backgrounds.   
    Most SWOOHA teams are fairly serious - playing 30-50 games through the season - 1.5 to 2 games per week on average - usually 1 home and 1 away game per week. Some teams participate in out of town tournaments as well.

    For more information contact us at SWOOHA.